Meniscus Lens

The all-mirror CVROS is manufacturable using diamond turning and conventional optics manufacturing means except for the Scan Disc. It embodies a circular array of 12 Scan Disc Mirrors with hyperbolic surfaces, an optical manufacturing challenge which is best avoided, if possible. An alternate means for correcting the spherical aberration of the Objective Mirror and the Scan Disc would be quite advantageous.

Bowers and Maksutov, optical physicists, circa 1941, independently conceived the thick concentric meniscus lens as a means for correcting the spherical aberration of a spherical objective mirror. This principle has been extended here  to include the correction of not only the spherical aberration of the CVROS Objective Mirror but also that of the Scan Disc Mirror.

Further details are available at  “Compact Video Rate Optical Scanner (CVROS) w/ Meniscus Corrector Lens”  Further lens design analysis and design work can be performed with the  Zemax optical design software by accessing the Zemax lens design file for this system, ” CVROS Meniscus Lens”.





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