Prototype Optics

The optics of the CVROS Prototype scanner described above were first manufactured in the early 1980’s  by the Kollmorgen Intop operation using mainly diamond turning equipment and procedures. Except for the Germanium Meniscus Lens the components are all fabricated from aluminum. The surface smoothness  and figure of the optics achieved by diamond turning are quite acceptable for optics  used in the infrared spectrum.



The Scan Disc, probably the first of its kind ever manufactured, was made feasible by the recently developed diamond turning process.  The centrally located holes visible in the accompanying photo were required by the process and not part of the optical design. The disc was later manufactured by a machine designed for volume production which eliminated this artifact.

The Objective and Collection Mirrors have machined-in mounts which greatly facilitate their mounting and alignment, a unique advantage of diamond turned  optics.

 The Framing Mirror and Meniscus Lens can be fabricated by either conventional optical shop methods or by diamond turning.

 The Strip Mirror can be machined  or manufactured by other means, including electroforming.

 Gold is used for the mirror reflective coatings due to its high reflectance in the infrared spectrum/  .

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